Fishing on Wagtail


We are a barbless hook fishery, please ensure you have barbless hooks and no crushed down barbs. The carp and cat lake are under an acre so bait boats are not a necessity.   Braid on reels, leadcore leaders, fixed leads (any carp safe rigs and leaders are fine) and catfish pro hooks, i.e. claw or eagle hooks are not allowed.   Please ensure you have coated braided hook lengths, min 15lb, max 35lb - applies to Carp and Cat Lake and if fishing for Catfish Min size 6 hook up to size 2 on the cat lake, min size 12 hook up to size 2 on the carp lake. Min line strength: Rush 3lb, carp and cat lake 12lb (max 18lb).   A large landing net min 42" and a carp cot or cradle, no unhooking mats allowed, are an essential on the carp and cat lake, on Rush a small unhooking mat should be used.   Carp care kits are a necessity on all lakes, Bonjela and any antiseptic spray is acceptable.   Children under 14 must be supervised at all times by an adult on each lake